SMP Essentials Function Pack


This Minecraft Function pack contains some of the most common vanilla tweaks people use on multiplayer servers. It has Player Head Drops, One Player Sleep, Ender Dragon Drops, Enderman Anti-Grief and Speed Paths.

This pack is compatible with Minecraft 1.12 and 1.12.1 and also compatible with Xisumavoid’s Even more mob heads.




SMP Essentials Function Pack Download

Download the zip file and extract the content into your Minecraft map inside the data folder.

Installing Essentials Function Pack

Once the function files are in your functions folder make sure that the main_loop.mcfunction file has all of your server members’ information. After having all configured go to Minecraft, log in to your Server and execute the /reload command.

To install the function use the command:

/function essentials-v1:all_setup
To disable this function use the command:
/function essentials-v1:all_remove

For more information and installing instructions watch this video:

Functions not working? A new Minecraft version came out and broke your experience? Don’t panic! If you run into any problems or questions I’ll be happy to help, you can always contact me on Social Media or comments on the YouTube video. I usually hang out on Twitter and Discord, and I try to answer all comments as fast as I can.

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