Shulker Respawn Pack for Minecraft 1.13


Shulker Respawn Data Pack allows Shulkers to be able to respawn in end Cities. This data pack uses a detection system that ensures Shulker can only be spawn in the right End biomes. It is also active only when players are those biomes.

This data pack currently works in Minecraft 1.13 and the code is available on GitHub. This code will continue to be updated and maintained there so be sure to follow MadCat on GitHub to make sure you’re getting all the latest updates.


Shulker Respawn Datapack Download

Download the zip file and copy it into your Minecraft map inside the datapacks folder.

Installing Shulker Respawn Datapack

Once the Datapack zip file is in your map’s “datapacks” folder go to Minecraft, log in to your Server and execute the /reload command. You will receive a confirmation message. As simple as that the data pack will be installed on your server.

This specific data pack only runs if you are in the End biomes where End Cities are.

For specific information about the spawning conditions for Shulkers, watch this video:

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