This Realms Friendly Command Block contraption helps you to obtain mob heads in Minecraft just by farming and killing. It adds a small chance of dropping a head if is the mob is killed by a player.

Version 1.2 is here with more than 20 additional mob heads. The commands and changelog are down below. This command block contraption is ready for Minecraft 1.11 and 1.12

For more information and installing instructions watch this video:

Here are the Commands for Minecraft 1.11, please note that they are different and won’t work in Minecraft 1.12

[Command 1 of 3]

[Command 2 of 3]

[Command 3 of 3]


Here are the commands for Minecraft 1.12, to copy them faster click on “RAW” to display the whole command.

Here is a list of all the heads available in this Command Block contraption:

Mob Head Drops v1.2. By MadCat
- Every sheep color head (16 Variants)
- Guardian and Elder Guardian heads
- Husk, Stray and Zombie Villager heads
- Replaced some heads and the way they are obtained to reduce lag spike when dropped
- Wither boss head
- Better Head texture for Witch
- Llamas! (3 Variants)
- Vex (2 Variants)
- Endermite

- Rates for farmable mobs has been lowered (suggested by many)
- Removed old Sheep head
- Removed old Witch head
- Most heads have been replaced with a different type to avoid lag spikes
- Removed Herobrine

Available Heads in this version (MHD 1.2)

- Sheep (16 colors)
- Chicken
- Pig
- Cow
- Mooshroom
- Squid
- Villager
- Iron Golem
- Ocelot, Cat (3 Variants)
- Wolf
- Spider
- Cave Spider
- Slime
- Witch
- Guardian
- Elder Guardian
- LLAMAS! (3 Colors)
- Husk
- Stray
- Zombie Villager
- Silverfish
- Evoker
- Vindicator
- Vex (2 variants)

Nether Dimension
- Zombie Pigman
- Magma Cube
- Blaze
- Ghast
- Wither Boss

End Dimension
- Enderman
- Shulker
- Endermite

Heads planned for next version
- Bat
- Rabbit
- Snow Golem
- Horse and Variants
- Zombie Villager Variants
- Skeleton Variants
- Polar Bear

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