Mob Head Drops Data Pack for Minecraft 1.13


Mob Head Drops Data Pack will allow mobs to drop their heads on Minecraft 1.13 Single or Multiplayer Server. This data pack changes the mobs’ loot tables and adds a chance to obtain their heads. It also has functions to detect different variations of mobs that usually share the same loot table. The functions will run only when a new mob with variant spawns (Different types of Horse, Cats, Parrots, etc.), it will set the right loot table and nothing will run anymore. Additionally, this data pack will change the Shulker‘s loot table to drop two shulker shells as the minimum.

This pack is based on a version of Xisumavoid’s More Mob Meads made by Carl Poole.

This data pack currently works in Minecraft 1.13 and the code is available on GitHub. This code will continue to be updated and maintained there so be sure to follow MadCat on GitHub to make sure you’re getting all the latest updates.

For more insight into this data pack, watch the video.


Mob Head Drops Datapack Download

I’ve classified mob heads by rarity, each set of mobs belongs to a different tier.

Select your difficulty!


Higher drop chances.
With Looting III
  • Rare chance 2.3%
  • Low chance 4.4%
  • Mid chance 6.4%
  • Mid-high chance 20%
  • High chance 51%
  • Super high chance 99%


Chances as my old version.
With Looting III
  • Rare chance 0.8%
  • Low chance 2.9%
  • Mid chance 4%
  • Mid-high chance 12.5%
  • High chance 36%
  • Super high chance 69%


Low drop chances.
With Looting III
  • Rare chance 0.1%
  • Low chance 1.4%
  • Mid chance 2.8%
  • Mid-high chance 9.5%
  • High chance 27%
  • Super high chance 54%

Installing Mob Head Drops Datapack

Download the zip file and copy it in your Minecraft map’s “datapacks” folder. Once the Datapack zip file is in place go to Minecraft, log in to your Server (or open your map) and execute the /reload command. You will receive a confirmation message.

Mobs by Rarity

The following is an extract of my loot changer script, it classifies all the mobs to a rarity level to later iterate and change their loot tables.

rares = [“enderman”,”zombie_pigman”,”blaze” ]
lows = [“cow”,”chicken”,”sheep”,”slime”,”cave_spider”,”drowned”, “jebsheep”,”pig”,”mushroom_cow”,”cod”,”tropical_fish”,”salmon”,
“guardian”,”iron_golem”,”spider”,”squid”,”witch”] mids = [“silverfish”,”magma_cube”,”skeleton_horse”,”ghast”,”husk”,”stray”,”villager”,”pufferfish”,”vex”,”bat”,”phantom”] midhighs = [“turtle”,”snow_golem”,”wolf”,”dolphin”,”mule”,”chargedcreeper”,”endermite”,”ender_dragon”] highs = [“vindicator”,”evoker”,”shulker”,”wither”, “donkey”] superhighs = [“polar_bear”,”zombie_horse”, “elder_guardian”]

#More Mobs (Variations)
colored sheep = low_chance
zombie villagers = mid_chance
cats,horse,llama,parrot,rabit = midhigh_chance


Functions not working? A new Minecraft version came out and broke your experience? Don’t panic! If you run into any problems or questions I’ll be happy to help, you can always contact me on Social Media or comments on the YouTube video. I usually hang out on Twitter and Discord, and I try to answer all comments as fast as I can.

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