Lionheart SMP Data Packs


The Lionheart Dynasty SMP is a group of amazing YouTubers and streamers, many of them my friends. 🎉

Their second season called “Courage” takes place in Minecraft 1.13. I’ve been commissioned to prepare the data packs that are going to be used on the server. Some of them were customized for them but down below you can find links to the pack releases.


Standard Data Packs

One Player Sleep v2.3 Data Pack

Allows one player to skip the night on a Multiplayer Server.

Player Head Drops v2.0 Data Pack

Custom data pack that makes players drop their heads upon death by another player.

Mob Head Drops v2.0 Data Pack

Gives a chance for mobs to drop their heads.

Difficulty: Hard. Low drop chances.

Enderman Anti Grief Data Pack

Selective Grief: Endermen can only pick up melons and pumpkins.


More Data Packs:

The following data packs are not publicly released but you can find early versions of them on my GitHub.


Lionheart Custom Recipes Data Pack

Ender Dragon Drops v2

Speed Paths v3

Shulker respawn

The Lionheart Dynasty

Check out the Lionheart member’s YouTube, Mixer or Twitch channels!

MrFunky |
BlackSmoke44 |
NynahNina |
TheStanZZ |
ItzSpiinz |
Ikeeluuuuuu |
Macheese |
Kemit |
Shortie |
Vidargavia |
Skoozi |
Braigar |
Infamous |
Quebra |
CrockSeventeen |
FairyKairi |
Absolute Phoenix |
Kireina |
ScikoticButcher |
Noobika |
Relianna |
Haphazardous |
Inventrax |
SuperTurtle |
OceanPhoenix |


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