Lionheart SMP Custom Recipes Data Pack


This is one of the Data Packs that the Lionheart SMP has on their server. This pack incorporates some really cool recipes that we think make sense. We worked together with the Lionheart bunch to find some balance in some of the recipes. Feel free to bookmark this page to have it as a reference for all the available recipes as they get updated.

This data pack contains the following custom recipes:


Global Dyeing.

  • Recipes to dye any wool block.
  • Recipes to dye any terracotta block.
  • Recipes to dye any glass block.
  • Recipe to clear stained glass. (Furnace recipe)
  • Recipe to clean stained terracotta.

Coral and Sponge crafting.

  • Sponge crafting recipes.
  • Coral crafting recipes.

Smooth stone crafting recipes.

  • Recipes to craft smooth stone
  • Recipes to craft smooth sand stone
  • Recipes to craft smooth red stand stone.

Other items.

  • Recipes to craft/transform gravel, sand and clay.
  • Recipe to transform wool into string.
  • Horse armor crafting recipes.
  • Saddle recipe.


  • Elytra crafting recipe.

Custom Dying Recipes

Dye wool, terracotta or glass to any color using these recipes.


Shaped recipe, the dye needs to be in the middle surrounded by any stained or clear glass.


8 stained glass blocks.


Any color of Wool + Dye


One dyed wool.


Shaped recipe, dye in the middle surrounded by any stained or regular terracotta blocks.


8 stained terracotta blocks.


Any stained glass in a furnace


Clear glass.


Shaped, Water bucket in the middle, 8 terracotta blocks of any color.


Regular terracotta.

Custom Coral and Sponge Recipes

Craft Coral and sponge blocks with these recipes.


Shaped recipe. Wool in the middle surrounded by 8 Phantom membranes.


Sponge block.


Any 4 coral blocks (dead corals included).


4 Sponge blocks.


4 Sponge blocks and a dye (blue, pink, magenta, red or yellow).


4 Coral blocks. (tube, brain, bubble, fire or horn)

Smooth Stone Recipes

There are some blocks that were introduced in Minecraft 1.13 like smooth stone and other variants that look like two slabs together without any divisions. Mojang never fully implemented this block hence it has no official recipe.

Craft smooth stone, smooth sandstone and smooth red sandstone blocks with these self-explanatory shaped recipes.

Other Custom Recipes

Some useful recipes have been added to this data pack to fill some gaps that the game could have.

Here you can find different kinds of recipes, most of them are shaped.


Iron, Gold or Diamond can be used in this recipe.


Horse armor of the same material it was crafted with.

Elytra Custom Recipe

We tried to make it so it is not too easy to craft it, some effort will be required to be able to get your wings.


String, Phantom Membrane, Bottle ‘o XP, Leather and Diamond Armor.


Elytra wings.

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