Enderman Anti Grief Data Pack for Minecraft 1.13


Enderman Anti Grief is different in Minecraft 1.13, we can now be selective and choose what types of blocks an Enderman can pick up thanks to the enderman_holdable block tag.

Because of this, I have three Enderman Anti Grief data packs:

No Grief: Makes the Endermen not able to pick up ANY blocks.

Selective Grief: Endermen can pick up only certain types of block that were allowed in Vanilla, these are melon and pumpkin blocks.

Technical Grief: This option not only includes melons and pumpkins but also blocks that can be obtained in The End dimension like Obsidian and Bedrock allowing technical players to do more!


Enderman Anti Grief Data Packs Download

The following data packs only work in Minecraft 1.13

For specific instructions watch the video.

Additional steps

Download your preferred Enderman Anti Grief data pack option and drop it in your map folder under “datapacks”.

Once done go to Minecraft and execute the /reload command. You will get a notification message telling you that the pack has been installed.

If for any reason more than one data pack changes the enderman_holdable tag, you can prioritize which datapack has priority using the command /datapack enable “data pack name” first.

All my data packs include an uninstaller that disables, cleans and notifies the user that this process has been completed.

To uninstall any of them run /function namespace:uninstall where “namespace” is a unique name from that specific data pack.

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